And We’re Live!

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Horizon_Productions_LogoI’ve heard that phrase many times over the years working in TV and it still gives me a thrill. This time, the call takes on a slightly different meaning for Eamon, Jason and myself as Horizon Productions finally launches the new website.

This time the thrill is different, but no less exciting. We’ve discovered that the long hours and hard work that go into producing a live TV show are very similar to the long hours and hard work that is put into the design and launch of a new website. But unusually for us, the hours and work weren’t actually that bad from Horizon Productions’ point-of-view (there was the showreel, but I’ll get to that later). All of the effort in producing this great website came from our partners

And we’d like to take this opportunity to roll the credits for the design and development of the site and say a big thank you to Eamon, David and Ruairí at Modus for their sterling work and most of all incredible patience.

From our experience over the past few months, we’ve noticed that web design and film production have many similarities – they are both visual media and there is definitely a kind of autism involved in the attention to detail both industries have. It’s great to work with a team like Modus that have that same ‘autism’ that we do. I’m sure we have them driven mad with our “can-we-just-change?” emails, but I think (and I hope) that they get where we’re coming from.

If you need web stuff done, I cannot recommend Eamon and his team highly enough. Go to their website at, see their other work and give them a call. You won’t regret it.

The fantastic showreel that you can see on the homepage of the site was the result of many, Many, MANY hours of trawling through old footage and ingesting same by “Boyband Jay” on the days when he wasn’t filming or editing for clients. Jay had to put up with both me and Eamon changing, dropping, adding, dropping again, adding again and changing again much of the footage, effects, etc. He played a blinder and I think the film is a testament to his skill and ability.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Gary Culleton, who’s advice and talent was vital in helping us out with the graphics.

So, with that all said, welcome to the new Horizon Productions website! Please take your time to browse around the site and come back regularly to see what we’ve been up to. And if there’s any filming to be done, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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I've heard that phrase many times over the years working in TV and it still gives me a thrill. Th
And We're Live!